Marketing/Public Relations

About Us

What is brand strategy and why do I need it?

Want more money? Better employee retention? A memorable brand?

Your brand is how the public sees you, not how you want to be seen. Put simply-it’s your reputation. Sometimes it’s difficult to read the label from inside the jar and you need an outside perspective. Branchout’s 8-week brand strategy gains insight from your company, competitors, and customers. This research defines why you exist, who you are, what you offer, and how you do things. Branchout helps startups, rebrands, and established businesses looking for growth.

What value do you offer my business?

Branchout has a unique approach to creating value for our clients. During the discovery process, we identify how your business solves problems for your market. We create a plan of action, define success metrics, and engage with your audience by creating professional content to raise awareness and lead generation to your door or inbox.

How much does all this cost?

A general recommendation is investing 7-10% of gross revenue on marketing. Branchout has three easy options for you. First, value based pricing (cost is determined by the value (ROI) created and defined in dollars, leads, or reach). Second, a tiered subscription model for monthly marketing content. Finally, a fixed price for individual projects.