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About Us

Dozer’s Excavation and Construction is a Disabled Veteran Small Business, led by Steven Frey. Steven is retired from the Air Force after serving honorably for 22 years. It was in the Air Force where Steven gained valuable experience in the Heavy Equipment and Construction industry. Steven wanted to include his Air Force heritage in the company, which is where the name Dozer came from. In the Air Force, Steven’s call sign was and still is Dozer. You will not meet a person more dedicated to the successful completion and customer satisfaction of any project.

As a respected leader in the excavation and construction industry, our journey is one of dedication, loyalty, expertise, and community. With a strong foundation built on trust and precision, we offer a range of earth moving services tailored to meet your every need.

From efficient hauling to precise excavation, meticulous land clearing to expertly crafted house or shop pads, durable roads to custom projects, we are your partner in turning visions into reality.

Let our legacy of excellence pave the way for your next project. Experience the difference with Dozer's Excavation and Construction.